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Office Copy Machines

How Much Does a Commercial Copier Cost?

If you’re copying and printing even modest amounts, there’s no better choice than a business copy machine. Business copy machines operate at dizzying speeds. Business Office copiers produce better quality, superior reduction and superior enlargement capabilities. Cheap inkjet MFDs are best for extremely low copy or print volume. Dreadfully slow and the ink can remain wet when printing photos.

Office copy machines are easy to connect to your computer network. An office copy machine is significantly less expensive to use. An office copy machine can cost you 1½-2½₵ per page to print. An inkjet can cost you upwards of 20-30₵. If you have extremely modest copier and printing needs, a small retail inkjet MFD might be your best option. However, if you’re in business, do yourself a favor and buy a business copy machine. Start here...

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