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Digital Copiers

How Much Does a Commercial Digital Copier Cost?

Comparing analog copiers to digital copiers is like comparing a typewriter with a computer. The first method for making a type copy was simply to just type it up again. Carbon paper opened the door to making a few copies from an original. The mimeograph machine increased that number to a hundred. The discovery of analog light photoconductivity made reproducing both graphic and text documents easier, more cost effective. Analog copiers have now given way to the digital copier. Digital copier price quote.

The ability to handle several jobs at once is one of the reasons why digital copiers are so popular. Today’s digital copiers offer functionality and features previously unavailable. A digital copier can improve your company’s image, provide superior communication, reduce costs and increase productivity. All these things allow your business to run smoother and add to your bottom line profit. Digital copier must-have features.

Digital Photocopier - Must-have Features

One of your must-have digital copier features is that you connect your digital copier to your network.

Copy Machine Color Printer

This must-have feature will expand the functionality of your digital copier beyond the monochrome world and provide you with color copies and prints that are more cost-effective than those done outside your office or on a dedicated color printer.

Copier Scanner

So you've got these documents that you'd like to file electronically. Why not scan them into your digital copier? A scan function may even serve as a replacement for your dedicated fax machine since you can now scan documents into your digital copier and then e-mail them.

Copier Fax

Add this function to your digital copier rather than using a dedicated fax machine. It's can be cheaper to add a fax option to your digital copier than buy a high-volume fax machine.

Digital Photocopiers - Adequate Paper Capacity

Make sure your digital copier has a large enough paper supply so you don't have to keep refilling it again and again. Standard paper supplies tend offer 500 sheets or less. Add an optional paper supply. Plus, it's always more convenient to have two paper drawers, one for 8 1/2 inch paper and the other for legal-size sheets.

Digital Copy Machines - Finishing Options

If you're going to make multiple copies and multiple sets of copies, then you'll want some sort of finisher. There are various types of finishers available, but all essentially sort, collate, and staple. Other finishing options include booklet makers and saddle-stitchers for creating bound documents as well as three-hole-punching.

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