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Laser Printer Copiers

The main advantages of laser printer copiers are speed, precision and the cost to print a page (1½-2½₵ per page vs. inkjet at 20-30₵ per page, 6-10 pages per minute vs. 25-100 pages per minute). Laser printer copiers are blazingly fast. Laser printer speed is metered out in pages per minute, not characters per second. The laser copier beam has a precise unvarying diameter that can draw text and images out precisely, delivering the highest print quality. Laser copiers have the lowest overall operating costs across all multifunctional devices.

Laser copiers use a common method for copying, printing and scanning. Laser copier scanning speed rivals that of the laser print engine. In a B&W laser printer the document image is exposed to a light source underneath the picture or document. In a color laser printer, this light is directed through a red, green or blue filter before it strikes the original image. Read more...

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Laser Printer Copier - How It All Works

Here's a how laser copier use laser printer technology for print output. Inside every laser printer copier there is a printer drum unit. This drum unit has a distinctive light-sensitive surface. When you copy or scan a document, the drum is exposed to light. Variations in light intensity selectively charge the drum. Toner particles are attracted to the charged areas on the drum. The toner on the drum is transferred to paper. Then the toner is melted and bonded to the paper. Finally, any residual toner is removed from the drum before the next print cycle.

In a B&W laser printer copier a document image is exposed to a light source underneath the picture or document. In a color laser printer copier, the light is directed through a red, green or blue filter before it strikes the original image.In turn, color, white, blank spaces reflect back various degrees of light. The light is bounced around through an intricate system of mirrors. A lens focuses the beams of light into light sensitive diodes that modify the amount of light into an electric current. A copier laser printer has the ability to translate the analog voltage levels into digital values and or save this information in digital code. This digital code tells the copier’s laser printer engine what to print on the page along with a number of other copier laser printer controls.